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Return of the Spectral Rider Vinyl

Return of the Spectral Rider Vinyl

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2017 self release from Boston based power-thrashers Ravage.

  1. Dies Irae
  2. Spectral Rider
  3. Turn the Screw
  4. The Wicked Way
  5. Ravage pt. 1: Damage
  6. The Wasteland
  7. Wake the Dead
  8. Bring Down the Hellhammer
  9. The King Forgotten

"Return Of The Spectral Rider" Vinyl features nine tracks of guitar-drenched, scorching, melodic heavy metal and thrash. It is an all-new re-recording of Ravage's album "Spectral Rider" which was given a limited release in 2005. The band decided to re-record the album because the original had numerous production issues, was not made widely available, and the master tracks were lost. This new version features an updated track listing, special guest appearances from former Ravage members and friends, and an all-new artwork by TIM JACOBUS (known for producing the cover art of the R.L. STINE'S GOOSEBUMPS and FEAR STREET series of horror novels). Voucher for digital version included.

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